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I'm new

  What should I wear? We are more concerned about what is inside a person than what's on the outside. If you wear clothes, you will fit right in.

  What's worship like? Worship is a mix of contemporary praise music, prayer, and teaching. We have an organ, piano and electric piano. Our musicians are adept to either of these instruments. If you play an instrument or sing, and have an interest in playing in worship, we would encourage you to do so; just let us know.

  Do my kids sit with me? New Life is passionate about your kids and we want to make sure that they are enjoying the service, just as much as you are. We have a nursery with crafts, games, music, puppets and teachings. Children's Church is available in both services, and the pastor has a short "Children's Message" in each service. Older children are welcome to stay with you in worship, and we have provided "Pew Packs," with coloring books and other quiet activities for them.

  Will I be asked to give money?

If it's your first time, we actually want you to keep your wallet in your pocket. Just come and experience a service at New Life. If you like it and want to call it your church home, then we believe financial commitment to the place that grows you spiritually is critical. Giving is a deeply spiritual issue that we grow into as we journey with Christ and each other.

  Will I be bored?

Doubt it! We plan our services to engage your mind, body, and soul. A life with Christ is not  bring, so why should church be? We have music, engaging teaching, and videos that should keep your attention and help you grow into an ever deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.

  What is the overall environment like?

At New Life we want to make sure you are comfortable. We have a warm hospitality team which will greet you and help you find a seat. As for the rest of the folks, you will find them friendly, active and willing to answer your questions.

If church seems a bit foreign to you, it's OK. At one point this was a new church to all of us as well. We don't forget that, and hope that you will find this a great place to call home, just as many already have.

  Can I talk with the pastor? Yes you can, in fact, if you have any questions, we encourage you to call the Church office (989.352.7788) and set up a time to visit with the pastor.